Slow down, you’re moving too fast.

In today’s day and age, it’s all about being wired. Sure, those ubiquitous black cables may have dwindled in size and numbers but we’re connected like never before. From the moment we pick up our rectangular gadgets to snooze an alarm, right down to that harmless scroll through an Instagram feed before some shuteye, the uploading and downloading never stops.

Fewer sleeping hours and more social updates seem to have become de rigueur. The frenetic pace of work and play is much loved. The swipe lefts and swipe rights of digital courtship, grub deliveries through the touch of a button or ride hailing apps from Point A to Point B aren’t just part and parcel of life. These are all solid examples of how a super connected age has made living all too easy.

But somewhere, in all this interconnectedness we’ve steered away. We’ve forgotten to appreciate the simpler things. Swap the usual screen staring for some casual time wasting and cloud gazing with a fellow comrade. Pen down a handwritten note and send it across rather than swift keying a whatsapp chat. Take out that dusty old cassette or a vinyl and soak in those tunes. Take time out. Learn to disconnect yourself from the circuit. It’s time we slowed down the pace. And that’s what Bareek is all about.