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    Faster checkouts. Access to private previews,offers and events. Stay in the know of allthings Bareek. Sign up for an account.

By Request

We aim to be suppliers of the most persuasive pieces in your wardrobe. An e-appointment with us runs thirty minutes to an hour, in the comfort of your home. At present, this service is available only to our customers in India.

Tailoring.An extensionof you.
The Indian masterji is unheralded but supremely talented. With him, we safeguard what needs to stay in tailoring today. Our jacket shoulders do not sit squarely.Our bombers are softly structured. We won’t force you into straight or tapered fits or foist a look upon you. We are about clothes you’ll want to live in. And look at ease in.
Cuts, Fabric
& Finish


If a garment is cut well, you keep coming back to it Our masterjis, we believe, have an eye for detail and are sticklers about precision. It means our bomber jackets – already singularly styled – fall so nicely, men call us up asking about how to pair one with everything. It also means that our repertoire of formalwear – whether it be a shawl lapel tuxedo jacket, a classic bandhgala or a kurta – scores high on “feel”, something one can’t quite put one’s finger on but feels reassured about, the moment one’s arms go through the sleeves of one of our tailored garments.


Our swatchbook is a tale of obsession. We only seek out artisanal, quality-focused purveyors of fabrics not just in the subcontinent, but across the globe. Our travels have led to alliances with a few hard-working stalwarts: Women Weave of Maheshwar, 5P Ventures in Chennamalai and the many peerless weavers of Pochampally, Kutch and Murshidabad. Our hunt for the finest has led us to conscious-yet-lasting materials from Peru, Italy and Spain. Landing on innovative fibres that go with timeless ones - that's something we're also researching.

Lighter materials are our signature and specialty. Higher thread count in shirts (2/60s X 40s) and even Nehru jackets (in a 30s-count fabric) mean our garments transition easily from morning to evening in ever-sultry India. One of our shirt lines feature a fabric so fine, 200s-count muslin – from Kalna, Bengal – that it is woven before sunrise, the only time of day that can safeguard its fine, gossamer-like quality.


To have you coming back for our soft tailoring, we first asked ourselves what we’d always wanted in our wardrobes. Then we investigated the hidden persuaders, so to speak, the qualities that make a garment a favourite, a 4 AM friend when we confront that most vexing of times, the “occasion” roulette.

It's many things. The fall of a shirt, for instance. The right weight and the feel of the fusing, in its collar and placket. It is also two fabrics that blend beautifully with one another, in say, a bandhgala or even our signature engineered shirts.

Then, there are tailoring elements like lining. For some it is not that important. We on the other hand believe it doesn’t just support the structure of a garment; it also punctuates its visual appeal.

Made to Measure

While we are known for our shirts, we also do an impeccable Nehru jacket. We’ve seen a lot of custom for some of our formal Indian staples. Our blazers and dinner jackets are a world away from the ones you’d pick off a shelf, even if we say so ourselves.