How are you taking care of team members, sanitization and hygiene?

In addition to following all central and state government guidelines, we had given paid leave to our entire team during the lockdown. Members of the team are required to stay at home if they are unwell. We are enacting stringent measures for optimal hygiene, such as setting up sanitizing stations at each workstation and throughout the workplace, temperature-checking, and educating employees on health and safety.

Can I place COD orders?

Yes. Cash on Delivery has been enabled again, however, priority will be given to deliver prepaid orders first.

Will my shipment be delayed?

Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing minor shipping delays. We are shipping out orders within 48 hours. Orders should reach you within 10-12 working days at max, given logistics congestions.

'By Request' custom and bespoke orders will take two weeks for completion. We thank you for your patience.

What is the plan for online fulfillment?

Our studio and distribution base are up and running. We are taking extensive precautions to ensure the safety of the entire team.

We’re continuing to closely monitor central and state government guidelines to ensure our fulfillment team are cared for.

How are craftsmen and craftswomen dealing with Covid-19?

The situation is dire. Our master crafters need all the help they can get during this tough time. More orders would result in more work and wages for them and us. We want their looms to be buzzing with the noise of their weave shuttles. Do all you can to support local businesses and artisanal producers.

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