Will my shirt fabric bleed or run colour?

All our fabrics are pre-washed. They will not bleed colour when washed. Only natural-dyed fabrics may bleed colour given the nature of the dye and garment.

We add additional caution notes to those items that have natural-dyes or fabrics that tend to run colour.

How should I wash my shirt?

We advise a hand wash for a longer lasting garment. If you must, you can use a washing machine with setting of 30°C or less temperature, on a ‘cotton’ or ‘delicate’ mode setting. Avoid tumble drying your shirt.

Is dry-cleaning preferable?

For shirts:

We wouldn’t recommend dry-cleaning our shirts as chemical solvent usage may be detrimental to the garment.

For jackets:

Please give explicit instructions to the dry cleaner to use a treatment which utilizes a lower amount of chemical solvents.

What about higher thread count/finer items?

Higher thread count shirts have to be hand washed only. Given that their tensile strength is weaker as compared to thicker fabrics, we would advise against using a washing machine, tumble dry or any kind of rigorous washing method.

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