We make a certain kind of shirt – cotton or khadi, always from a non-mechanised loom, always woven by an artisan. That’s all we’re about – making handloom shirts and giving master craftsmen their due.

A glimpse of life in Murshidabad district, a key source of our handloom fabrics.


Whether in Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh, or Murshidabad and Kalna in West Bengal, we’re always about quality handlooms. This means going from door to door in loom towns and districts across India to acquire the very best cotton and khadi. And working only with the best dastkars or craftsmen.

Craft needs to stay

There was a time when India produced over 600 kinds of handwoven cotton. We are flagbearers for handlooms – their feel, the master craftsmen who produce them and their painstaking, under-appreciated work.

“OK” is not OK

Our work doesn’t just end with the right cotton, the fit and how it feels on you. We believe in sweating the details – in plackets that fall exceptionally, darts that won’t crease and the right length of tail so you can go untucked.