Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 Updates

The pandemic has affected every citizen across the world in more ways than one. Bareek is no exception. As the situation continuously evolves, communities and businesses across the world must do their part in order to slow and limit the spread of the virus.

Our online store remains open.

We are taking orders and we’ll be available at or via our social channels if you need to get in touch with us.

How are craftsmen and craftswomen dealing with Covid-19?

The situation is dire. Our master crafters need all the help they can get during this tough time. More orders would result in more work and wages for them and us. We want their looms to be buzzing with the noise of their weave shuttles. Do all you can to support local businesses and artisanal producers.

What is the plan for online fulfillment? 

Our studio and distribution base are currently up and running at 30 percent capacity. We are taking extensive precautions to ensure the safety of the entire team. We’re continuing to closely monitor central and state government guidelines to ensure our fulfillment team are cared for. 

Red zones:

we're accepting orders and shall fulfill them once delivery of non-essential goods is permissible in the specified pin code. Given the backlog of orders we would advise you to place an order so that you receive it within 4-5 weeks, or when the red zone status is lifted. Whichever is earlier.  

Orange zones:

we're accepting and fulfilling orders as per specified pin codes. You shall receive your order within 2 weeks if you reside in an orange zone. 

Green zones:

we're accepting and fulfilling orders as per specified pin codes. You shall receive your order within 1-2 weeks if you reside in a green zone. 

Will my shipment be delayed?

Due to COVID-19, we are expecting shipping delays. We are processing orders depending on the date your order was placed. This applies to orders placed in the last week of March, and the months of April and May.

Orders placed before the lockdown (on or before 24 March 2020) have been given priority and are being shipped out first. We have begun processing shipment for orders placed in April. This will be followed by orders placed May.

If you place your order in May, you should receive your order in approximately 4 weeks, subject to zoning and fulfillment conditions mentioned above. 

Can I place COD orders?

Given the current situation, we have disabled Cash On Delivery (COD) orders until further notice.

How are you taking care of team members, sanitization and hygiene?

In addition to following all central and state government guidelines, we had given paid leave to our entire team during the lockdown. Members of the team are required to stay at home if they are unwell. We have slowly begun operations with 30 percent capacity and shall increase capacity as per central and state government guidelines. We are enacting stringent measures for optimal hygiene, such as setting up sanitizing stations at each workstation and throughout the workplace, temperature-checking, and educating employees on health and safety.